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Chapter 1459: Thats All the Courage You Got

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Was that what she meant

Yuan Yina also came over to sit.

She carefully put the xiaolongbao in her mouth, lest it smudged her lipstick.

When Shi Xiaoya saw her behaving like this, she felt that people who did not know would think that she was here to be a guest.


On the higher floor, where the guests were all staying.

Zhang Shuidong and the rest did not expect that the production team would start shooting early in the morning when the sky had just turned bright.

Lin Yantao was the first to have his door knocked on.

He did not prepare anything beforehand, and the production team did not tell him anything beforehand either.

Lin Yantao was still lying in bed when he felt some light shining on him.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw the camera right in front of his face, which gave him a rude shock.

When Lin Yantao was done preparing and was fully awake, he realized that it was only 5 am.

The sky was not even fully bright outside.

Following that, Lin Yantao followed the camera crew to Qin Zigous room.

Qin Zigou then followed Lin Yantao to Zhang Jians room.

After Zhang Jian was Liu Chuanhui, and after him was Zhang Shuidong.

The line of people gradually grew longer and longer.

Zhang Shuidong was still sitting on his bed and rubbing his face with his hand.

To achieve the best effect, the light in the room was still not on.

With the curtains drawn, the room was still pitch black.

The only light source came from the camera.

“Luckily, I dont have the habit of sleeping nude.” Zhang Shuidong did not know whether to laugh or cry as he said that.

He quickly gathered his things and followed the crew out.

“Whose room did you go to first”

“Mine.” Lin Yantao had a face that said a thousand words.

“It was only 5 am when they reached me.

Do you guys know that The room did not have any lights on, so I felt that there was light shining on my eyelids.

The moment I opened my eyes, I saw the camera and a bunch of people.

I was literally dumbstruck, okay”

Liu Chuanhui laughed and said, “I didnt want to say this, but your production team really knows how to play.

Luckily, we are a bunch of old fogeys.

If it were female stars that were shot without makeup on, see if they wont fight you with their lives, eh”

“Brother Liu, I also have the burden of being an idol, okay” Zhang Jian reminded him from the side.

He was bare-faced right now and felt utterly insecure.

Luckily, it was just daybreak, so the quality of the video shot by the camera was not very good.

“Where are we going to next” Zhang Shuidong casually asked.

Qin Zigou awkwardly said, “I think its to Han Zhuolings, First Young Master Hans room.”

“…” Zhang Jian laughed dryly.

“I suddenly feel a little hungry.

Can we go and eat first”

“I want to go and relieve myself,” Qin Zigou immediately said.

Lin Yantao said, “Me too.

Lets go together.”

Lu Dongliu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Do you guys have any shame Can you imagine if this comes out You should probably hold it in! Look how calm Brother Liu and Brother Zhang are.”

“What” Liu Chuanhui seemed as if he just heard it and said, “I thought I heard someone say its time to eat Why dont we go first”

Zhang Shuidong said, “I also need to put on some makeup quickly.

After all, I am someone with the burden of being an idol.”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

Even Zhang Shuidong and the others themselves could not help but laugh as they complained about each other, saying, “Can you guys get it together Is this all the courage youve got”

Qin Zigou said, “Aiya! Forget me and Zhang Jian, we are both young and timid after all.

But Brother Zhang, Brother Liu, both of you are kings of the silver screen! Bring out your king spirits.

How can you run away with us”

“What do you mean run away” Zhang Shuidong still wanted to struggle for a bit, but he realized that everyone tacitly knew how each other felt but was not saying it, so he just decided to admit it.

“So what if Im the king of the silver screens A king is human too! Who would dare to go and wake up the First Young Master Han early in the morning What if he has a morning temper”

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