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Chapter 1455: Want to Do the Great Young Master Hans Makeup

“Too bad I cant be a client.

I can only draw makeup for myself,” Shi Xiaoya said smiling.

“But its still too plain,” Yuan Yina said with a fake smile.

“Ill have my makeup done when I work, and Ill bring along my professional attitude,” Shi Xiaoya replied without warmth.

“Oh, right, I heard the Han Corporations Deputy CEO, that Han Familys Young Master, will be an MC for this week.” Gossip followed wherever girls went.

Hong Qiaoxian saw the charged atmosphere between Yuan Yina and Shi Xiaoya and knew that they were on bad terms, just as the rumors said.

She hurriedly changed the subject.

“The production teams quite impressive to successfully invite the Han Familys Young Master.

Who knows how much effort they put in”

With a roll of her eyes, Yuan Yina said, “How are they going to allocate the makeup artists”

“Probably by drawing lots.” Another male makeup artist, Shi Feng, said, “The Follow PDs were decided by drawn lots.”

The remaining male makeup artist, Duan Pingxian, smirked and said, “Why, you want to do the great Young Master Hans makeup”

“What are you saying” Yuan Yinas expression remained unchanged even if he guessed right.

“Im just curious.”

Duan Pingxian sniggered; he knew Yuan Yinas character.

Extremely ambitious and not willing to lose to anyone, not just career-wise but also in personal affairs.

She wanted someone who could bring pride to herself, someone who could help her career and satisfy her material wants.

She made use of her job as a makeup artist to interact with many of such successful clients.

And got offered more and better jobs through those clients.

But sadly—whether it was because her abilities were limited or because she did not focus on her work, no one knew—the gap between her and Shi Xiaoya increased.

There were already rumors about her being intimate with this male actor, or being linked to that boss and such.

Anyway, this woman was very ambitious, and it could be seen on her face.

It couldnt be compared to Shi Xiaoyas composure.

Shi Xiaoyas really calm.

She so composed that it was as if nothing could arouse her attention.

But Yuan Yinas was a fake collectedness.

Acting as if she did not care one bit when, in reality, she cared about it more than anyone else.

Hong Qiaoxian shrank into herself.

“I dont dare to do makeup for Young Master Han.

Though hes handsome and has a high status, hes too cold.

Seeing him makes me frightened.

If were drawing lots, please dont let me get him.”

Shi Xiaoya agreed in her mind, feeling the same.

When the camera team finished their allocation, Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui came over to the makeup team.

“Sorry for calling all of you here at such a late time so suddenly.” Lu Dongliu explained with a smile, “Considering that well begin filming at dawn tomorrow, we can only confirm everything with everyone tonight.”

“Begin shooting at dawn That early” Yuan Yina was surprised.

Chi Xingrui smiled.


For a better show effect, we have a segment that could let the MCs show their most private side.”

He wouldnt reveal more.

An assistant brought a box over and Lu Dongliu explained, “The hosts names are inside.

Just choose one, and whomever you pick will be your allocated host to follow.”

The three guys let the ladies go first; Shi Xiaoya did not really care.

Yuan Yina smiled, saying, “Then Ill choose first.”

She drew one and opened it.

Her eyes immediately looked crestfallen.

She got award-winning actor Zhang Shuidong.

Zhang Shuidong was married and was well-known for being upright and for not having scandals with any other women.

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