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The odd-jobs arranged towards the back would be decided on by Shi Xiaoya if she wanted them.

Shi Xiaoya was extremely serious when she worked, and she put in all her effort.

She might seem lazy now, but when she was with the production team, the makeup artists were one of the earliest risers, rising even earlier than the celebrities themselves.

They had to prepare the makeup for the day in advance.

Even the stars themselves need not wake so early every day.

Only when they had morning scenes did they wake early for their makeup.

But that was not the case for makeup artists.

They had to wake up early every day to put on cosmetics for the celebrities.

They were waiting by their stations by three or four in the morning nearly every day.

Shi Xiaoya might be a big name, but she was never late once and was always professional.

Everyone she had worked with, even the directors in the production teams, all said that she seemed to have endless energy.

Only the people she was close to knew how much she loved to sleep privately.

As long as its a holiday, she wouldnt do anything else but sleep at home.

Shi Xiaoya finished freshening up and returned to her bedroom.

Sitting in front of her dressing table, she put her phone down on it before grabbing a bottle of water and slapping her face.

“Im totally awake now, you can tell me.”

She then heard Guo Yujies voice float from the speakers.

“Its Dong Hua Stations new variety show, called Survivor.”

Guo Yujie briefly summarized the shows outline to Shi Xiaoya.

“This was how they told me, but Im not sure if there are going to be any changes in the end.

But theyre not inviting you to be a host, theyre asking you to be their makeup artist,” Guo Yujie said.

Shi Xiaoya was pretty, not losing to any of the current celebrities, and there was not a trace of cosmetic surgery on her.

Plus, she knew how to do makeup, and imitating others makeup was easy for her.

She was, as others would say, the type that would make it seem youd married a different bride every day if you married her.

But she never once considered being a celebrity.

She focused on her job as a makeup artist.

Even when she was working as a makeup artist in a production team, she rejected the offer when the director wanted her to be an extra.

And this time, Shi Xiaoya never thought that they were inviting her to be an MC.

Though they wanted elites from different industries, the elites had to be able to attract audiences as well.

As a makeup artist, she was famous within the circles and she had many fans in Weibo too, but those people made up a small population.

“Though its outdoors with various stages to pass, the settings are relatively hard too, but the participants still need makeup.

The production team means that they want a makeup artist dedicated to each of the celebrities to attend to their makeup during breaks.

Especially for the female stars.

They care very much about how they appear on camera, and even if they were rolling around in the mud, they still wouldnt go bare-faced,” Guo Yujie said.

“But because of the shows characteristics, they requested the makeup to not be too beautiful.

They want the kind where its nice but the audience cant tell its nice.

Since it is an outdoors extreme challenge show, beautiful makeup would be too fake.

The artistes themselves wouldnt agree to not having makeup at all.”

Shi Xiaoya was dabbing on her eye cream when she heard this.

“I understand.

They want the kind where you have makeup on but it looks like you have none on yet still appear beautiful, and others will still compliment you for looking good bare-faced.

That kind, right”

“Right, right.

Its that.

Thats far harder than drawing thick makeup.

Moreover, its hard to capture makeup on camera.

You still have to manage it well, or else if you drew too lightly and the camera failed to pick it up, theyll become bare-faced truly.

If you drew too darkly, the netizens will say that the celebrities are fake.

So the production team thought of you and is asking if youd consider the job,” Guo Yujie said.

“The director even promised that you need not suffer with the stars,” Guo Yujie said.

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