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Chapter 1445: The Winds Howl Around the Highest Peaks

When Lu Dongliu accepted Tong Chunians call, he was completely stunned.

He never thought that the Han Corporation would agree to his request.

When he put out his request, he was only trying for the sake of trying, since it wouldnt hurt to ask.

Since it would cost him nothing to ask, and being rejected was also within expectations…

He had nothing to lose even if he got rejected.

Just like when Classic X Files finished and he was preparing a new program, he did a proposal for this show and handed it to his superiors in the station, whod agreed without hesitation.

But the production fees given by the station, including the advertising fees from other sponsors, were not enough to actually film such a show.

So he thought of getting investments.

The first he approached was the Han Corporation.

He never had the hope that the Han Corporation would agree.

He was on good terms with Lu Man, but he did not go through her; he used work and official means.

Friendships were not to be used like that, after all.

If he did this too many times, it would ruin their friendship.

He never thought that the Han Corporation would actually accept his proposal.

Not only did they agree, but they also gave a huge fund, making Lu Dongliu have the illusion that the Han Corporations bosses were filthy rich fools.

But after calming down, he knew that it might have still been because of Lu Man to some extent.

Because he was courteous to Lu Man and even helped her a bit, Han Zhuoli didnt mind repaying him greatly.

It was just that this repayment was slightly too much.

The investment amount was twice his original expectation, and this gave Lu Dongliu even more pressure to not fail.

Hence, he racked his brain to find hosts, to comply with the stations requests, for if the program failed to pass the checks, the investment would all be for nothing.

As for the hosts, obviously the more heavyweight they were, the better.

They could be non-celebrities, they could be people from various industries, but they must be known by the public, and they must be able to make the audience feel drawn to them and want to watch the show for them.

These types of people were hard to find.

After extensive searching, he realized that Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli both fit the bill, so he asked for them with a tentative mindset

Much to his surprise, the Han Corporation actually agreed again!

And Han Zhuoling was the one who decided to join!

When Lu Dongliu heard Tong Chunian, he thought, when did the Han Corporation become a magic lamp that granted all his wishes

Lu Dongliu and Tong Chunian settled a meeting time to discuss the details.

After hanging up, he sent a rough guide of the contract details.

If the other party wanted to add anything or extra requests, they could write it in and both sides could discuss further.

When he was done, Lu Dongliu sprinted to Chief Lus office to report this good news.

With the MCs for the show confirmed, the filming was scheduled to start in half a month.

Lu Man also received Lu Donglius call at this time.

“Lu Man, you know that Im going to shoot a program called Survivor, right” Lu Dongliu asked as he smiled.

“I know,” Lu Man replied.

“You arent thinking of inviting me to join, are you”

“No, no, no.” Lu Dongliu hurriedly explained, “This shows too hard to film.

Even if I invited you, Young Master Han wouldnt agree.

And arent you going to participate in the friendly competition When you applied for leave in your sophomore year, you became the target of gossips.

I cant make trouble for you anymore.”

Lu Dongliu did not know that Lu Man was preparing to conceive, but even without that, Lu Man wouldnt join the show.

“Then its because…” Lu Man asked, not understanding.

“I want to ask you to help plan publicity for our show,” Lu Dongliu said, stating his intentions.

“Moreover, our show has a huge funding and is the first of its kind in our country.

As the saying goes, the winds howl around the highest peaks.

At that time, well definitely be facing attacks from our competitors and attract anti-fans.”

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