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Chapter 1442: Invite

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“Every week, six MCs will be placed in a locked environment and will clear stages through deciphering the problems.

Theres a different theme every week, from escape room to desert island survival, and many more,” Zheng Tianming explained.

“The production team has already listed out the invitations for the permanent MCs and are contacting them now, so thats not much of a problem.

But because this variety show is the first of its kind in our country, and the investments huge, the Han Corporation invested 70% in it.

The sponsorship fee is also included in this 70%.”

Lu Man was tongue-tied hearing this.

Dong Hua Station had enough means to hold a large-scale variety event by themselves, but this was not enough and theyd had to approach the Han Corporation for investment.

And the Han Corporations investment was worth 70% of the overall, showing that the program had massive funding, probably breaking the national records for investments in variety shows.

There was no exact figures, but the Han Corporation had never invested in small projects.

Yet even though she didnt know the details, Lu Man also knew the magnitude of the funding for this variety program.

And the more it was like this, the more the show had to succeed.

Just like Xing Ke Stations The Performer back then—because of the big investment and high hopes for it, everyone had been nervous.

But Xing Ke Stations The Performer at that time was not as heavily funded as Dong Hua Stations now.

This goes to show what kind of pressure Dong Hua Station was facing.

Lu Man was surprised; Dong Hua Station was actually bold enough to approach the Han Corporation for investment.

What type of show were they planning to produce, exactly

Putting aside everything else and just based on this boldness, Lu Man anticipated the results of the show.

“Precisely because its like this, thats why Dong Hua Station itself is facing a whole lot of pressure too,” Han Zhuoli explained to Lu Man.

“Whos the overall director for this show” Lu Man asked curiously.

The only director she was familiar with in Dong Hua Station was Lu Dongliu.

Han Zhuoli smiled.

“What a coincidence.

Its Lu Dongliu.”

Lu Man thought that Lu Dongliu was really brave.

Ever since he contacted her to attend the program and rejected Liang Chengbing, Lu Man knew that there was some adventurous spirit in his bones—rather like a gambler, if she put it gravely.

But creating shows in the entertainment industry, especially new shows such as this, was a gamble itself.

“Because Dong Hua Stations placing emphasis on it—because their superiors requested it—the show has to include elites from all industries.

For the show to have diversity, the production team not only invited celebrities but also invited the best from various other industries.

Of course, they have to fit the popularity bill as well so as to bring in the viewership ratings.”

When Zheng Tianming got to this point, Lu Man already knew what the production team wanted.

“So, Dong Hua Station wishes to invite CEO or Deputy CEO, either one of you, to attend Survivor.

Currently, the MCs that Dong Hua Station has invited include directors, award-winning actors, current hot and young actors and actresses, models, and professional e-gamers.”

Lu Man thought that the production team did put in a lot of effort into choosing the MCs occupations.

Nowadays, there wasnt merely a demand to watch celebrities in reality shows, there must be diverse elements.

But if it was someone randomly plucked off the streets, someone who wasnt famous, the audience wouldnt like watching you even if you were the best in your industry.

If the person had too much screentime while the other artistes had less, then the fans of the other stars would have strong objections as well.

Hence, they could only find the elites in their professions who were not only popular but also nice-looking.

The professional e-gamers might not be known by non-gamers, but at the same time, there were many gamers, so the professional e-gamers would have their massive fan base too.

This counted as a part of the viewership.

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