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Chapter 1428: Lets Not Meet

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After Lu Qiyuan recovered, he realized that the companys financial situation was in a bad state, so he sold Yi Lu.

Lu Qi lost her very own management company.

She did not have any dramas to shoot now and did not even have a manager.

If she did not have any activities, her manager would not have any commission.

If they were to receive only a wage, no experienced manager would want to do the job.

And Lu Qi did not even want to give out basic wages.

Hence, she did not even have a manager now.

She even did away with having an assistant.

Previously, Xia Qingyang was Lu Qis manager, but because of the Red Tiger incident, Lu Qi had been badly affected by Xia Qingyang.

So now, Lu Qi did not dare let Xia Qingyang be her own manager, so she just let her busy herself at home.

Thats why up until now, Lu Qi had been surviving on her own.

As her career hit rock bottom, even her close friends group from before cut off contact with her.

Especially since negative news about Lu Qi surfaced time and again, those “close friends” turned out to be afraid that Lu Qi would drag them down.

Usually, in such situations, netizens would think they were birds of a feather that flocked together.

Lu Qi did so many shameless things, so how would those close friends who constantly swarmed around her be any better

This was what most people felt.

Even if they immediately severed ties with Lu Qi, they still could not escape the judgment from people that they were heartless and superficial “sisters” in the end.

Anyway, no matter what, they would not end up in a good state.

The only option they had was to let themselves suffer less damage.

Therefore, the information Lu Qi could get lagged behind.

She did not have an assistant or manager telling her about the news online at the first instance, nor any friends to remind her.

When she found out about it, even a voice comparison video had come out on the Internet already.

And this was actually told to her by He Zhengbai.

When she got He Zhengbais call, He Zhengbai said, “Lets not meet again during this period.”

Lu Qi was shocked.

As she did not know about what had happened online, she thought this was the first sign that He Zhengbai wanted to break up with her.

Lu Qi stood up in shock and said, “Zhengbai, what do you mean Why do you not want to meet me again Are you trying to break up with me”

Despite the fact that He Zhengbai really did want to break up with Lu Qi now, he simply could not.

Hence, he could only reign in his temper and say, “Qi Qi, dont think so much.

Our relationship is great.

Why would I think of wanting to break up with you”

Lu Qi heaved a sigh of relief and immediately switched to a bright smile.

“I thought so too.

We are on good terms, but why would you suddenly say this”

“Didnt you see the news online” He Zhengbai was shocked.

“What news online” Lu Qi really did not know.

He Zhengbai pretended to look guilty.

Over the phone, he sighed and said, “Its my fault.

I was too rash that day.

Lu Qi had a hiccup and said, “What is it Dont scare me! You… Did you do something to let me down”

He Zhengbai acted like he was stunned for words.

“Qi Qi, how could you think so How can I do anything to let you down”

Lu Qi heaved a sigh of relief.

“You said that it was all your fault.

What are you referring to”

He Zhengbai said, “Its about that time when you came to my office and we…”

When Lu Qi thought about their rendezvous, she could not help but feel her body turn warm just thinking about it.

Luckily, she had not been blinded by that feeling, so she instantly felt that something was wrong.

“Dont tell me someone knew about it” Lu Qi exclaimed in shock.


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