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“No need to stand on formalities.

Were all brothers,” Han Zhuoli said.

Wei Wucai was from the Wei Family.

Didnt that make him like family to Han Zhuoli

“Then why did you not ask him for help directly from the start” Lu Man asked.

“You still had to go through Fang Boran first.”

“Mount Lan Compound has a very strict system, and Fang Boran is Wei Wucais superior.

Even if its for personal matters, its still better to go past Fang Boran first.

Although Fang Boran would not manage this aspect, we can try our best to avoid situations that can put Wei Wucai in a spot,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Lu Man nodded and sent the file with the audio comparison video over to Da Xiong.

“You are really fast indeed,” Da Xiong exclaimed.

Things could really get done easier with people around.

With a huge backer like Han Zhuoli, everything could be done conveniently.

It made him even more assured of his determination to maintain outstanding working relations with Lu Man.

Good was no longer possible.

It had to be outstanding.

And he could not be calculative about gains and losses.

As long as Lu Man stood to gain, he stood to gain as well!

“As for how to put it out exactly, you have the experience, so you can do as you deem fit,” Lu Man said.

She could not always have the final say.

Anyway, Da Xiong was not a pushover.

“Okay, dont worry.” Da Xiong accepted the file.

After ten minutes, it was put up online.

He did not borrow the identity of a netizen but simply posted it as Da Xiong himself.

Da Xiong: “To prove the accuracy of the information I posted, my friend just found a professional in voice comparison.

Everyone can take a look at the details yourselves.”

There was a video below.

The netizens opened it and listened to Wei Wucais explanation.

As they listened, they came to have a clear understanding of the similarities between the voices, as well as evidence that the voice and video were not faked.

However, the subject of the netizens discussion seemed to go off-topic.

“Who did this His voice is sooo nice! As a fan of nice voices, I am dying from listening to him.”

“Brother Xiong, quick, hand over this male god!”

“Who is this male god His voice is too nice to hear.

How old is he Is he a handsome cute boy”

“Stop dreaming, yall.” From this tone, it was obvious that it was a male netizen.

“People who have a nice voice usually have a sentimental face1.

Good-looking people usually destroy all illusions about themselves when they open their mouths.”

“Please check out Wei Zilin.”

“Hahahaha, right! Wei Zilin, our male god Yu Linling.

He has a nice voice and is handsome as well!”

“So I believe this cute boy is also a handsome cute boy.

He has great computer skills, a silky voice, and such a cute persona!”

Da Xiong: “…”

What the f*ck, werent they supposed to screw Lu Qi up

How did they go off-topic because of this expert that Lu Man had found

Da Xiong was helpless as well.

He quickly looked for Lu Man and told her, “Lu Man, have you seen the situation online This scenario doesnt look right.”

Lu Man: “…”

“I noticed it too…” She had also been thrown off-topic when she heard Wei Wucais voice just now and actually forgot about Lu Qi.

“Dont worry.

Find a few paid posters to bring back the rhythm,” Lu Man said.

“Send the video to a few other partner entertainment accounts.

Let them adjust the speed a little.

This would also change the sound of the voice as well.

By that time, the netizens concentration will no longer be on the voice itself.”

“Right,” Da Xiong replied.

“I was anxious and actually did not think of this.”

Lu Man smiled and sent him an emoji.

Da Xiong immediately contacted a few partner accounts.

Not long after, the Internet was filled with this news again.

When Lu Qi saw this Weibo post, things had already gotten out of hand.

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