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Zhang Xiaoying decided not to play along with Yu Jingxian anymore.

She just told Yu Jingxian in front of Teacher Liang and everyone in the class, “If you think its not fair, you can question it using your own name.

Dont say it using my name.

I dont need you to air grievances on my behalf, because I personally dont think there is any unfairness in this.”

After saying that, Zhang Xiaoying sat down.

Yu Jingxians face was pale, stricken, and extremely stiff.

Everyone could tell that Zhang Xiaoying finally could not take it anymore after being played by Yu Jingxian twice.

No matter whether Zhang Xiaoying truly thought so in her heart, at least she could stop Yu Jingxian by saying that.

At this moment, Teacher Liang explained, “This is decided based on the level of influence.

As an inter-college competition between various performing arts colleges, the popularity of the Chinese Arts Championships is not that high.

It is only this year that the Chinese Arts Championships was broadcasted on Xing Ke Station, and it is only streamed online.

Furthermore, only the finals were aired, so the level of influence is reduced.

What will really increase the prestige of the school is when students enter the finals of the Chinese Arts Championships.

“Although Zhang Xiaoying went to participate as part of the top 10 students in the school, she was eliminated and did not make it into the finals.

Hence, the level of influence is not significant.

The level of influence is only restricted to the school, and thats why we gave her 10 points,” Teacher Liang explained.

However, when she explained it, wasnt it clearly saying that Zhang Xiaoying did not bring prestige to the school when she could not even get into the finals

Teacher Liang was telling the truth.

However, Zhang Xiaoying could not keep her cool when she had been exposed like this.

She became even more angry at Yu Jingxian because of this.

If Yu Jingxian had not found trouble and used her as a stepping board, why would she even be subjected to such humiliation!

“On the other hand, Han Leilei shot an advertisement and the advertisement has also been released.

The coverage of the advertisement is also much higher than that of the Chinese Arts Championships.

The amount of publicity done for the school also exceeds that of Zhang Xiaoying.

Thats why Han Leilei was given 25 points,” Teacher Liang explained.

“What else are you puzzled about I can explain it to you.”

“Im not puzzled about why Han Leileis points are higher than Zhang Xiaoyings, but isnt 25 points a little too much” Yu Jingxian minced her lips together.

She clearly knew that she did not have much hope, but she still wanted to pitch the last struggle for it.

Before Teacher Liang could say anything, Zhang Xiaoying said sarcastically, “If 25 points is too much, then would 21 points be just nice Then she would have one less point than you.

Wouldnt you be in third place and successfully get into the team of exchange students”

When Zhang Xiaoying said that, someone sputtered out laughing from a corner of the class.

Yu Jingxians face immediately turned beet red.

“The additional points is not a decision I made on my own.

Its decided by a discussion group formed by the teachers in the school,” Teacher Liang said.

“I believe everyone received a call from the school before asking about your summer vacation work plans.

The school verified your claims before the discussion group formed by the teachers discussed and awarded the marks.

That is how we arrived at the current marks.

No one had any objection about the points we have given everyone just now.

The reason behind Yu Jingxians objection is worth discussing.

In that case, the points would not change, so the third placer will still be Han Leilei.”

Yu Jingxian sat down reluctantly.

Tears could not help brimming in her eyes.

Shed worked so hard for so long, yet something like this happened right when she was about to get it.

It was just because Han Leilei was Lu Mans friend, thats why the school gave Han Leilei preferential treatment, right

It must be!

But why didnt she think that if there was really preferential treatment, why were Pan Xue and Zheng Yuan, who were also Lu Mans friends, left out of it

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