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Chapter 1407: Almost Cried from Anger

What if she could

In the end, her hopes were completely dashed.

“The school knows that everyone used their time over the summer to take on jobs like shooting advertisements.

Hence, the school decided to count these as social practice points,” Teacher Liang said.

“The amount of points awarded will be based on the results and level of influence of the work that everyone did.”

Teacher Liang named everyone, what kind of jobs they did, the number of points awarded to them, and the rationale involved in awarding the points.

Every part of it sounded logical and reasonable, making it hard for anyone to find fault with it.

However, the whole class would now know what the others did over the summer vacation.

Not everyone would have been able to make use of their summer to land a job opportunity.

There were people who managed to find jobs on their own without connections.

However, there were not many of such people.

Furthermore, most of it were not very good events.

Most of them were for exhibitions or as brand models.

When Zheng Yuan and Pan Xues name were called out and their work over the vacation was revealed to be shooting advertisements for a pretty well-known, big-name brand, everyone was shocked.

How did they find such a good opportunity!

Because of these additional points, Zheng Yuan immediately jumped to fifth place from her original tenth place.

Pan Xues ranking shot up to 15th from her initial spot at 21st.

“What the! These two must be cheating!”

“I remembered they were only ushers at an exhibition last year, but they straight away went to shoot an ad this year And its for a big company.

Why would they look for them instead of other celebrities”

“Did you forget They are on good terms with Lu Man.

Such a good opportunity must definitely have been introduced to them by Lu Man.

Or else, how could they shoot an ad in Year 2 when they could only be ushers in Year 1 I never heard of them having such connections before this.”

“No wonder.

When I received a call from the school previously asking if I took on any jobs during the summer vacation period, I got a shock and thought that the school was not even allowing us to take on jobs over the summer anymore.”

“Me too, me too.

They even promised me that it is definitely not that they do not want to let me take on the job.

On the contrary, this would be beneficial to me next time, thats why I told them.”

Teacher Liang then said, “Next will be Han Leileis points.

Han Leilei shot an ad for You Chun Dairy Groups You Chun cultured milk drink.

Based on the coverage of the ad and data from various other aspects, 25 points will be added for Han Leilei.”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

In this way, Han Leileis rank would immediately be brought up to third place, narrowly surpassing Yu Jingxian by three points after Yu Jingxians additional points were added to her total score.

Yu Jingxian almost spat out blood.

It would be fine if the difference was huge.

She would not dwell on it too much either, nor would she find it a pity.

However, her original score was much higher than Han Leileis to begin with.

Han Leilei suddenly surpassed her with the additional points, and it was only by three points.

How could she not be depressed!

This spot should have been hers!

Yu Jingxian was so angry that her face contorted with rage.

Ever since the summer vacation when the school announced the results early, she had been very excited and could not control her excitement.

She always thought that she would definitely have a spot to go on exchange to New York.

Yet now, the spot that was originally hers was suddenly gone!

Yu Jingxian almost cried from anger! Then what were her efforts over the past two years for!

When the announcement of the results and rankings were done, Teacher Liang said, “Now, we will do a final ranking based on the previous scores.” She used the projector to show the results ranking on the screen.

“The first part is last years results.

The second part is the results that had just been announced.

This is the final ranking based on the sum of both scores,” Teacher Liang explained.

“In first place, we have Lu Man.”

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