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Chapter 1405: What Other Opinions Could They Have

“Of course, Lu Mans first position will remain unchanged.

Full marks for extra credit is 50 marks, and Lu Man scored 50.

This is because in her sophomore year, Lu Man attended the Chinese Arts Championships in the name of our school and was the champion, bringing glory to our school.

This allowed our school to surpass the National Drama Academy once more after four years, and the extra credit for this is quite big, 30 marks.

“Additionally, at the Fei Yue International Film Festival, Lu Man clinched the Best Newcomer Award and became the first student in our schools history to win a film festival award.

Some students were famous when they were young and won the award before coming to university, while others won the award after they graduated.

Lu Man got the award during her student days, so that brought prestige to our schools name.”

Winning an award outside of school, even if you were about to enroll or have graduated from there, meant that the focus was more on you as a person than about the school.

But now that Lu Man had won the award as a student, more people would shift their focus to the National Film Academy.

And this allowed the National Film Academy to be very glorified and proud.

Without a doubt.

“Hence, the school awarded Lu Man another 20 marks, and the total comes out to be 50 marks,” Teacher Liang explained.

“Does anyone have any opinion on this”

What other opinions could they have

Its a fact that Lu Man was the champion of the Chinese Arts Championships.

Its also true that she won the Best Newcomer Award at the Fei Yue International Film Festival.

Even if people felt that the school awarded her slightly more than deserved, its not unacceptable that they gave her full marks.

With both her areas of accomplishments, its possible to get more or less 47 or 48 marks, and this was not far from scoring full marks.

For no matter whether it was 48 marks or 50 marks, this was far, far ahead of other students already.

They had no hopes of catching up.

Since Lu Man was ranked first based on exam results, adding in the extra credits would only widen the gap between her and the second-ranked, so far apart they couldnt even catch up to her on a horse.

Many turned to look at Zhang Xiaoying.

Because Zhang Xiaoying was ranked second!

Zhang Xiaoyings face wore an extremely ugly shade.

Lu Man was first, so what were they looking at her for!

Because her reputation had suffered a beating due to the filming incident before, she reined herself it in during the last semester and dared not take on new roles.

But because she also took part in the Chinese Arts Championships, as the top ten within the school, she should also have quite a significant amount of extra credits.

Just not more than Lu Man, that is.

“The second is Zhang Xiaoying.

Because she joined the Chinese Arts Championships and represented us as one of the schools top ten, she also has extra credit for that.

But since she did not make it to the top ten of the Chinese Arts Championships despite being the top ten within the school, she can only get 10 marks.”

Since Lu Man was first and she only got 30 marks, Zhang Xiaoying, who did not make it to the top ten of the Chinese Arts Championships and made it only as the schools representative, could reasonably get only this 10 marks.

Putting aside the exam results alone, Lu Man had already surpassed Zhang Xiaoying by 40 marks.

Adding on the exam results, Lu Mans overall score was a full 100 marks ahead of Zhang Xiaoyings!

This was really a gap that Zhang Xiaoying couldnt match.

The others in the class could not even make it to the schools top ten representatives.

“Next, the third,” Teacher Liang said.

Yu Jingxian sat up straight confidently.

Because the rest of them did not have extra credits for the Chinese Arts Championships and had no other significant contributions, they could only compete purely based on their exam results.

Based on the results, Yu Jingxian was ranked a solid third.

In that case, she made it to the name list of New York exchange students.

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