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Chapter 1402: They Actually Do This Too

The editor asked them to switch off the camera.

His junior questioned, “What now, chief Is that it”

The chief editor had no idea either, but right then, Auntie He opened the door.

“Sorry for the trouble, do come in!” Auntie He smiled courteously.

The editor then brought his team into the house once more.

“What do you think, Young Master Han”

He handed the camera to Han Zhuoli to let him see the filming results.

When he was done, he commented, “Not bad, quite natural.”

The editor sighed in relief.

They didnt have the stamina to run another round.

“Then well use this one” the editor confirmed.

“Alright, thisll do.” Han Zhuoli handed the camera back to the chief editor and said, “All your acting leaves something to be desired.

You all should practice sometime.

Ill still find you all next time if the need arises.”

Chief editor: “…”

What else could the editor-in-chief say

Even if he felt helpless, he could only give “right right right” in response.

Afraid that Han Zhuoli would bring up other demands, the chief editor hurriedly spoke up.

“Then well hurry back to our company to settle this and publish this news as fast as possible.”

The moment Han Zhuoli nodded, the chief editor dashed off with his team.

No matter how Lu Man looked at it, she thought that the editor seemed to have someone nipping at his heels at the speed he was going.

“Is that editor scared of you going after him” she asked Han Zhuoli.

“How is that possible” Han Zhuoli said confidently.

“Its their honor to be able to interview me.

Theyre running in joy, scared that theyll release the news late.”

Lu Man: “…”

How come it didnt look like that based on her judgment

Over at the chief editors side, who had rushed back to the company with his team.

The editor had already reported to Nan Jingheng on his way back, so he only had to edit the video after the interview.

Almost an hour later, Han Zhuoli received a call from the chief editor.

“Young Master Han, weve released the news using Nan Yins official account,” the chief editor said.

“Alright, thanks, and sorry for the trouble,” Han Zhuoli said.

The editor thought that Han Zhuoli at least still had his humanity.

“Not at all, not at all.

I see that reactions have been enthusiastic.”

Hence, the conversation ended.

Hanging up, Han Zhuoli called Lu Man over to look at Weibo together.

Only to see Nan Yins official Weibo post on the recent interview.

The editor and his colleagues had some skills up their sleeves and were talented.

They managed to edit the interview clip perfectly.

It was so realistic, in fact, that it had no hints of being edited at all.

Han Zhuoli paused the video and pointed at the image of him turning as he said, “My wife bit this,” saying, “Do I look cool when I say this”

Lu Man nodded along.

“So cool, especially when you said themy wife part.”

It was a face full of pride, smugness, and showing off.

A bit foolish, actually.

But to Lu Man, he appeared extremely handsome.

Han Zhuoli scrolled to the comments section.

And saw netizens commenting: “Whats this When did Nan Yins reporters become the paparazzi Even going so far as to block Han Zhuolis doorway.”

“Nan Yins reporters do this stuff too”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

He turned and looked at Lu Man with an expression of confusion.

“Should I have used the paparazzi instead”

“Someone I trust and have a good relationship with is Tang Zi, but hes now a proper reporter too.

Anyways, its not a big deal, seeking Nan Yin for help.

The netizens are asking for fun; they wont think much of it.”

Indeed, those who asked did so just to express their shock.

“They actually do this too!”

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