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Chapter 1005: Im Not Threatening You

Ge Guangzhen scoffed lightly.

“We are both in the same industry.

Our paths will always cross and our connections are greatly and closely intertwined.

Perhaps someone you know would be connected with someone I know.

Moreover, in the future, you will have plenty of development in the film and television industry.

However, for publicity, you will definitely have to appear on Xing Ke Stations shows.”

“What are you trying to say” Lu Man laughed coldly.

“Youre asking me to not offend Xing Ke Station”

Ge Guangzhen pondered silently for a while.

“Im not threatening you.”

After all, he was still asking Lu Man to help him out.

“Im just laying the facts out for you.

If you make The Performer lose face, Xing Ke Station would be affected too,” Ge Guangzhen said.

“Our station has really high expectations for this show.

Be it manpower, resources, or money, the expenditure is really great.

Right now, the premiere of The Performer didnt perform well.

I am indeed under a lot of pressure, and the station is really angry too.

To whom do you think they would blame this matter on”

Of course they would blame it on Lu Man, the one who started it all.

“Our station would often bear grudges.

In the past, there was an artiste who participated in one of our stations shows but decided to act like a diva and behaved obnoxiously.

That person was directly blacklisted and would never be able to appear on any of our shows ever again.

There was also another artiste who didnt cooperate with the recording of one of our stations shows.

When the production team stated their requests in order to create some show effect, he just ignored all of those requests.

He was blacklisted by our station too.

Until now, he has never appeared in any of our stations shows.”

“You are threatening me,” Lu Man said coldly.

“Alright, then, Ill leave it to you to interpret.” Ge Guangzhen curled the corner of his lips upwards smugly.

He could hear that Lu Mans attitude had changed.

She was angry.

She was angry, precisely because she was threatened but couldnt do anything about it either.

“Lu Man, you have already offended our station.

You should think this through properly.

Could it be that you wish to never appear on any of our stations shows for the rest of your life Thats the same as losing half of your opportunities to let people get to know you.

We are all in the same industry.

Even if we dont work together now, you also cant avoid the fact that we might possibly work together in the future.

You have to think about your future,” Ge Guangzhen said.

As Lu Man listened, she started laughing.

“What are you laughing about!” Ge Guangzhen asked unhappily.

“Im laughing about how all you people dont even know how to change your lines when trying to threaten people,” Lu Man said.

“In the past, Great Desert‘s production team had also contacted me before and asked me to stop.

If I didnt, if in the future I offended someone in the industry, I would not have an easy time.

After that, Great Desert‘s viewership ratings flopped all the way to the pits.

As for me, Im still doing fine.”

“In the past, the team leader of your publicity team contacted me and asked me to cooperate with you guys and put all the blame on myself.

If not, I would only lose out from all of this.

But in the end You guys are still the ones who flopped.” Lu Man dropped her laughter and said coldly, “So, do you think I will still care about your threats right now”

“You want to go against our entire Xing Ke Station!” Ge Guangzhen questioned her incredulously.

Lu Man shook her head.

“First off, it was you who came asking me to help, yet you ended up threatening me instead.

This method of asking for a favor sure is extraordinary.

Secondly, before Xing Ke Station starts bearing a grudge against me, Ill get rid of you first.

If you hadnt made that wrong decision and riled me up first, The Performer wouldnt have ended up in such an awkward state right now.

Instead of threatening me or showingconcern about my future development, why dont you be more concerned about your own career Do you think you can still continue being the executive director of The Performer or stay with Xing Ke Station”

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