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Ch4 - Infinite Loop

(I hate guessing the most!)


The minute hand moved forward and reached 12 o’ clock.

The third day was here.



Following the prompts given at the beginning of the Infinite Nightmare Game, the players were supposed to attend the Mr.

A’s funeral on the third day.

But now, four players were sitting on the sofa in a row. 

Old Chen was upset, the female high school student was ashen, Gold Chain was speechless, Shen Dongqing was still out of the situation and Yellow Hair… he was already on intimate terms with the portrait of the deceased person in the photo frame.


And sitting opposite of them were four people, no….

more accurately, they were four ghosts.

After removing their camouflages, they revealed the horrific appearances they had at their time of death.

The hostess’s entire body was drenched with blood and her four limbs were littered with axe cuts; the insane mother-in-law had a pair of scarlet red eyes and it was twitching in discomfort and she was  mumbling something under her breath; the little girl in the flower skirt was holding onto a head that looked similar to hers in her arms as she obediently sat in a small chair.


The hall was dead silent.

Old Chen could not resist the urge to speak and broke the silence at last: “Can the funeral begin”

The hostess hesitated for a moment: “It’s impossible for the funeral to proceed.”


A person can become a ghost after they die, but what about a ghost Mr.

A was too dead to die after he died again. 

Old Chen: “But we have to complete the task in order to leave.”

The hostess pondered for a while: “The clearance condition is to attend the funeral first before finding the murderer.”

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If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Swatting the sofa, Old Chen blurted out: “Then let’s hold the funeral.”

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However, they were stuck in the middle of a loop which made it impossible for the story to develop according to its intended course.

Thus, they were in trouble.



At that moment, a car horn sounded outside the door and it drew everyone’s attention.


A public bus stopped at the gate of the courtyard and emitted a ray of orange light.

Subsequently, the door opened and a long-legged silhouette directly jumped over the two steps and landed on the ground.

He was very tall and he wore a long trench coat that outlined his wide shoulders and long legs.

While it was hard to perceive his appearance in the darkness, he was felt like a sheathed sharp blade from the distance, keen and dashing. 

He lifted his eyes and looked towards the hall.

There was a touch of orange in his eyes and he happened to look at Shen Dongqing.

“Good evening.”

He smiled at Sheng Dongqing as he stepped in.

The sofa was already full of people, and there were no seats available. 

The hostess stood up in a hurry: “You, please…”

“Not necessary,” He reached out to press the hostess down and sat on the armrest instead.

With barely any place to sit, those pair of long legs crossed over one another.

“There isn’t a lot of time; cut to the chase and explain the problem you encountered.”

The hostess nodded and raised the issues one by one: “It’s like this… My husband, which is Mr.

A, died again.

Therefore, the funeral can no longer be held and the players can’t complete the task as a result.”

The person listened very carefully and gave an occasional nod. 

Leaning towards Shen Dongqing who was beside him, Old Chen squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth – voice akin to a mosquito – and asked: “Do you know this person”

He smiled at him, and even sat on the armrest that was next to him directly.

Shen Dongqing shook his head, doubtful.

“I don’t know him.” After he spoke, he raised his head to look at the person seated beside him.

The person was very tall and adding on the fact he was sitting on the armrest, it elevated him by a fair portion when compared to Shen Dongqing. 

From Shen Dongqing’s angle, he could see the sharp outline of his jaw.

Shen Dongqing proceeded by biting his lips with some embarrassment: “However, he does look quite delicious.”

But what he meant was not the other “delicious”.

What he was referring to instead was the pure yin energy that the man radiated, which was a rare and delicious treat to Shen Dongqing.

If he was not a human at the present moment, he would have already pounced on him and taken a bite or two. 

When his voice landed, a low chuckle suddenly broke out.

“Thank you for the compliment.” That person lowered his head and looked towards Shen Dongqing, “I forgot to introduce myself, Zhou Wenyan.”


Shen Dongqing held out his hand stiffly and it slid into Zhou Wenyan’s hand: “Shen Dongqing.”

The pair shook their hands amicably before they quickly loosened their grips. 

Zhou Wenyan retracted his hand: “I have already understood the problem you’re facing.

After communicating with the game system, it dictated that you can clear the level as long as you guess who the murderer is.”

Old Chen said with much difficulty: “We are lacking in clues, and we don’t know who the murderer is exactly.”

Zhou Wenyan leaned back and gestured towards the four ghosts in front of them before he lazily said: “All the suspects are here, if each person guesses one, you should be able to catch the dead mouse.”

Others: Why did it sound so familiar 

Gold Chain furrowed his brows and grimaced: “What if we guess incorrectly”

“Guess incorrectly” Zhou Wenyan slanted his head and his mouth curled into a careless smile, “Then you can only die.”

Gold Chain shivered and shut his mouth.

If you guessed incorrectly, the consequence was death.

Who would dare to try 

All of them quailed in the silence.

“I know!” While the others were thinking hard about who the murderer was, Shen Dongqing suddenly raised his hand and it attracted everyone’s attention.

“I know who the murderer is.”

Zhou Wenyan gaze turned towards him, and his dark and deep eyes reflected the youth’s pure and innocuous face. 

“Speak,” he whispered.

Shen Dongqing shook his fist and slammed it into his other palm before he said in an eloquent fashion: “Since the deceased person is Mr.

A, then his murderer must be—”


He pointed to his nose: “I just killed Mr.


In Shen Dongqing’s simple and crude logic, it was doubtless that he answered the question.

He raised his eyes and looked towards Zhou Wenyan with widened and distinctive eyes as if he was seeking praise.


Zhou Wenyan held his chin with one hand, amused.

He was not wrong, nor was he correct. 

Shen Dongqing saw his reaction and scratch his head: “Unless the person I killed wasn’t Mr.


That’s why he said, he hated guessing the most!


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